5 Tips To Consider While Applying For Internship & How To Make An Effective CV?

5 Tips To Consider While Applying For Internship & How To Make An Effective CV?

5 Tips for the Perfect Internship Application An internship, which is described as a practical vocational learning period related to the department, where the students received their education, is a pleasant and tiring education period in which university students gain additional income by applying the theoretical education they received on campus to business life.

The internship application stage is perhaps the most difficult part of the internship period that almost every university student must go through. Most students are looking for ways to make a good impression to be accepted into the institution or company of their dreams. We have compiled for you the “5 tips that you need to pay attention to when applying for an internship,” which must be on your mind.

5 Tips To Consider While Applying For Internship & How To Make An Effective CV?

5 Tips for the Perfect Internship Application

1. Pay attention to your application text.

When you are preparing your application text, you should be extremely careful and follow the grammar rules. You should take care to explain your reasons for wanting to do an internship at the institution you are applying for, using descriptive, plain, and corporate language.

2.Get Information About the Institution to Which You Have Applied:

When you are called for an interview, do research about the institution you are applying to before going to the interview.

  • The business network of the institution you are applying to,
  • executives of the institution,
  • You need to research subjects such as the location of the institution.

3.5 Tips for the Perfect Internship Application Interview:

The institution to which you have applied for an internship may invite you to an oral interview if they find your application in the digital environment impressive. If you convince the person or people interviewing you at the interview stage that you are an individual who is ready for business life, knows your duties and responsibilities, and is open to learning, your internship application will receive a positive response. Therefore, at the interview stage,

  • You must provide fluent, correct answers to questions directed at measuring your skills and knowledge.
  • You should protect your seriousness against the person or people who are talking to you,
  • You should make the other party feel that you are open to learning.

4. Take Care of Your Clothes:

During the interview, the first impressions of the officials of the institution you applied for start with you and your clothes.

  • Male candidates should shave their beards and hair before going to the interview, and they should wear a suit or a shirt and trousers combination appropriate for business life.
  • As for female candidates, he should pay attention to the plainness and unpretentiousness of his clothes and not wear a lot of jewelry, etc. It is important to take care not to wear accessories.

If you apply the points mentioned above, your internship application will be accepted if the knowledge and skills that you have developed throughout your student career are considered sufficient by the institution to which you have applied.

5.Create an Effective CV (Curriculum Vitae)

Your resume will be your first contact with the institution to which you will apply for an internship.

  • When preparing your resume, make sure it is short and simple.
  • Do not include unnecessary details.
  • Specify the training and certification information you have received regarding the business line of the internship you will apply for.
  • You should choose the person or institution you will refer to among those who will make positive comments about you.

 How to make an effective CV?

How to make an effective CV?

A curriculum vitae (CV), People prepare a curriculum vitae (CV) in order to introduce their own potential to employers for job applications, including their skills, experiences, educational background, work experience, etc.It is a written document containing information.

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The prerequisite for preparing an effective CV is to set career goals realistically. When introducing the personal and professional characteristics of the suitable person for the position to be applied for. And specifying the purpose of the application, it is important to have a determined career goal. The CV should include personal information, educational information, work and internship experiences, skills, education and certificate information, and references.


Center your name, surname, full address, accessible phone number, and e-mail address at the top of the resume. Ensure that your personal information, phone number, and email address are up to date and official. Choose a suitable photo for the position applied for, and avoid exaggerated retouching. Include your date and place of birth, marital status, and, for men, information about military service, especially if it is related to the position applied for. Additionally, include your nationality, particularly in applications made abroad, and a driver’s license, if required for the applied position.


  • Indicate graduated schools and departments in reverse chronological order. Write the year of entry and graduation while giving school information. Include grades, achievements, and general grade point average obtained during the school life process, if they are not very low.

Job and internship experiences

  • Work and internship experiences should be written in reverse chronological order.
  • The relevant position at the place of work should be specified, and the responsibilities taken, and the work done in line with the position should be listed.
  • While specifying these, it is important to emphasize the achievements achieved in terms of the work done and the responsibilities taken.


  • List your known foreign languages and computer programs along with their levels. Also, add the specific skills required for the relevant position you want to fill.
  • List your areas of interest and include those that are particularly relevant to the position you want to fill.

Education and Certification

You should include certificates and details of the vocational courses and trainings you participated in. Add the subject, institution, start and end dates, and trainer’s name to the order.


Graders should assess foreign language knowledge separately as reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. If available, candidates can add their exam scores.(IELTS, TOEFL, YDS, etc.)


You can add your interests that set you apart from other people. Using general expressions will be ineffective. Artistic, sporting, and cultural activities can be mentioned.


Reference for aplying 5 Tips for the Perfect Internship Application.

  • People who have a connection with the position applied for should select references.
  • The relevant person or persons must give permission and be accessible to be added as references.
  • You can divide references into professional, academic, and personal references if there are too many.
  • You should include the name and surname, current title, position at the place of employment, and contact information (e-mail and telephone) of each reference.
  • If you do not want to share the reference information, you can include the phrase “it will be provided upon request


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