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How to write a Perfect Cover Letter: A Step by Step Guide

How to Write a Perfect Cover Letter: A Step by Step Guide. In this article, we will discuss the importance of a cover letter and how to write a well-crafted one that will help you stand out to potential employers. We’ll talk…Read More »

What is the benefit of studying in Turkey?

What is the benefit of studying in Turkey? Studying in Turkey offers a unique and enriching experience for students. Here are some reasons why studying in Turkey may be a great choice for you. There are several benefits to studying in Turkey,…Read More »

MEVLANA EXCHANGE PROGRAM | Turkey Scholarship 2023

WHAT IS MEVLANA EXCHANGE PROGRAM The Mevlana Exchange Program 2023 is a student exchange program. Funded by the Turkish government. that allows undergraduate and graduate students from around the world to study at universities in Turkey for a semester or academic year.…Read More »


The most important things to include in a CV | 15 TIPS FOR CREATING AN EFFECTIVE CV AND RESUME 15 TIPS FOR CREATING AN EFFECTIVE CV AND RESUME HOW TO CREATE EFFECTIVE CV TIPS Creating an effective CV (or resume) is an…Read More »

Erasmus Student Exchange Program | Grant amount, Travel Allowance, Dormitory Fee, and Tuition Fee in Erasmus

How many grants will I receive through the Erasmus Program? Is there a road grant in Erasmus? Will my Erasmus dormitory fee be covered? Will accommodations be provided in Erasmus? By whom and how will Erasmus payments be made? Will the scholarships…Read More »

5 Tips To Consider While Applying For Internship & How To Make An Effective CV?

5 Tips for the Perfect Internship Application An internship, which is described as a practical vocational learning period related to the department, where the students received their education, is a pleasant and tiring education period in which university students gain additional income…Read More »

Affordable Erasmus Countries in 2023

The European Union runs a student exchange program called Erasmus, aimed at supporting education and training in Europe. Erasmus offers students the chance to study and train abroad. There are different Erasmus programs for undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate levels. The countries covered…Read More »

8 Tips to Consider in the Scholarship Application

In this article, we have answered the questions of what we should pay attention to when applying for a scholarship, how we should not examine the scholarship application conditions, what we should add to our applications, how you will affect the scholarship…Read More »


Italy is a stunning country known for its art, fashion, food, and culture. It is a popular destination for tourists, but it’s also an excellent place to study. Italy has some of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world, making…Read More »