Affordable Erasmus Countries in 2023

cheapest country for erasmus exchange students

The European Union runs a student exchange program called Erasmus, aimed at supporting education and training in Europe. Erasmus offers students the chance to study and train abroad. There are different Erasmus programs for undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate levels. The countries covered by the Erasmus program vary from university to university. Each university’s student exchange program and the schools involved in the programs differ. In order to obtain the most detailed and accurate information, you need to apply to the Erasmus Center at your university. Although the schools differ, the countries are almost the same. In this article, we have compiled information about the advantages and disadvantages of Erasmus in these countries.

cheapest country for erasmus exchange students


1. Poland

Poland uses its own currency, the zloty, which makes it a more affordable alternative compared to the euro and dollar. One zloty is equivalent to about 4 Turkish liras. In addition to being affordable, it has a busy entertainment life. Organizers often arrange cultural excursions, parties, and tours. The proximity of university campuses and dormitories provides convenient transportation options. The fact that there are many universities in the country is also one of its big pluses.


2. Hungary

Hungary, which is one of the suitable options due to the use of its own currency, the Hungarian forint, is one of the most preferred countries by Turkish students, as Turkish influences are also felt from place to place. 1 Turkish lira is equal to 21.69 Hungarian forints. This is the biggest reason why students prefer Hungary. Aside from the benefits of being close to Turkish culture, education and entertainment life offer a wide range of options.


3. Latvia

Since it is a small country, Latvia, which minimizes the transportation and settlement problems, is one of the more affordable and attractive options for Turkish students. Aside from being a small country, having many natural areas provides an educational opportunity in contact with nature.


4. Portugal

Portugal, one of the cheapest countries in Europe, is frequently preferred by students. The people of this country, which has an intense entertainment life, always impress with their friendliness. Although speaking Portuguese is seen as a problem at first, it becomes positive after learning the language as there are many job opportunities. Since Portuguese is a fluent and understandable language, it is one of the languages that will not be difficult to learn.


5. Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the countries most preferred by students due to the similarity of living conditions with Turkey. It is frequently preferred for Turkish students due to its very affordable price and high quality of life. The people of the country, which has an active entertainment life, are very kind and respectful. They provide benefits to students in many areas with their helpfulness.


6. Macedonia

Macedonia, which is a quiet country with a natural landscape, is among the affordable countries. The fact that many people in the country know and speak Turkish is one of the biggest pluses. Macedonia, which stands out with its natural beauty, is relatively more affordable than other options.

Countries that are considered affordable offer intense internship and job opportunities compared to other expensive countries. Most of the Erasmus students had the opportunity to develop themselves and made progress in many areas. The Erasmus Project, which opens the horizons of students in the academic and social fields, opens up new opportunities for students in many countries that can be considered affordable. As part of student exchange programs, many universities in you country have made deals with these countries.

best countries for erasmus exchange students

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