Erasmus Student Exchange Program | Grant amount, Travel Allowance, Dormitory Fee, and Tuition Fee in Erasmus

What is Erasmus Exchange Program

How many grants will I receive through the Erasmus Program? Is there a road grant in Erasmus? Will my Erasmus dormitory fee be covered? Will accommodations be provided in Erasmus? By whom and how will Erasmus payments be made? Will the scholarships I receive in Turkey be terminated during Erasmus? Is the Erasmus grant enough to make a living? Can I participate in Erasmus without a grant? Is there an additional fee that I have to pay at the university I go to for Erasmus? Will I pay any annual or semester fees to the university I go to for Erasmus? What do I need to do to go on Erasmus, and is English required?

What is Erasmus Exchange Program?

The Erasmus student exchange program is a European Union project that allows students to study abroad for a minimum of 2 months and a maximum of 1 year. To participate in this program. that you must enrolled in one of the undergraduate or graduate programs.

?What is Erasmus Exchange Program?

What are the requirements for Erasmus?

All students who have completed their first year of university undergraduate programs (except preparatory) and whose cumulative grade point average is above 2.20 to 2.50 CGPA can apply to the Erasmus Program. Applicant students must know a foreign language. At a sufficient level (at least B2) to study abroad. Each school puts its students on a special language test. The student’s overall grade point average. And the average of the grade obtained from this foreign language exam. Give us the Erasmus grade, and with this grade, the students determine which schools they will attend abroad.


Students who achieve the desired ranking receive a certain grant. According to 2019, while this grant is 500 euros for education and 600 euros for internship in 1st and 2nd Group countries. It is 300 euros for education and 400 euros for internship in 3rd Group countries. The organization gives 70% of the grants before the recipients go abroad. And gives the remaining 30% after they return from abroad. Unfortunately, there is no help other than the grant. You have to spend out of your pocket for accommodation, food, and beverage expenses, and for places you visit there. If you have not won a grant, you should make your savings in advance. 

How many grants amount will I receive in the Erasmus Program?

the amounts determined by the national agency for the 2022-2023 academic year (on a monthly basis);

1. Group: Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Sweden, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway                                                                      162 EURO per day

2. Group: Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Southern Cyprus, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Greece 144 EURO per day

3. Group: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, North, Macedonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey * 126 EURO per day

Is there a road grant amount in Erasmus?

Yes, students are grant with travel allowance in proportion to the distance they travel.

You can read the distances and grants payable in the table below.

Travel Distance Standard Travel: Grant Amount, Green Travel, Grant Amount

·         23 EUR for travel distances between 10 and 99 KM

·         180 EUR TO 210 EURO for travel distances between 100 and 499 KM

·         275 EUR TO 320 EUR for travel distances between 500 and 1999 KM

·         360 EUR TO 410 EUR for travel distances between 2000 and 2999 KM

·         530 EUR TO 610 EUR for travel distances between 3000 and 3999 KM

·         820 EUR TO 7999 KM for travel distances between 4000

·         1500 EUR for travel distances of 8000 or more

Will they cover my Erasmus dormitory fee?

no, the dormitory/accommodation fee is yours.

Accommodations be provided during Erasmus?

Institutions that exchange students mutually within the scope of Erasmus do not have such a responsibility, but the Erasmus Coordinator at the university you go to will help you in this regard.

Who will make the Erasmus payments?

Grants will paid to students in 1 or 2 installments, depending on the amount of the first payment. The university determines the rate of the total grant, and the rate and the first installment are made in euros. The rate is between 70% and 100% of the total grant rate. The two universities sign the contract, and the first payment is made within 30 days.

Will Erasmus terminate the scholarships I receive in Turkey?

There won’t be any changes to your official or private scholarships or credits that you already have in Turkey. Your scholarships continue to be paid during Erasmus.

Is the Erasmus grant enough to make a living?

The Erasmus grant does not aim to cover all the expenses. That may occur while you are studying abroad. The Erasmus grant aims to cover your additional expenses due to living abroad; usually, the grants paid are not enough to make a living.

Will I pay any fees to the university I go to for Erasmus?

You will not pay any fees to the university you attend. However, if you are studying at a foundation university in Turkey, you have to pay the fees of your own university to your own university for the period you stay.

Is there an additional fee that I have to pay at the university I go to for Erasmus?

No, the rights that apply to students at the university you will attend also apply to you.

Can I participate in Erasmus without a grant amount?

Yup, you can participate if the quota and conditions are suitable. The only difference is that you will not receive a grant. If your department has a non-grant Erasmus quota, those who fall below the grant quota in the ranking can also participate in Erasmus within the scope of this quota. You will have all the other opportunities that come with the grant for Erasmus students.

Erasmus Student Exchange Program

Erasmus Student Exchange Program 2023

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