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Maastricht University Scholarship in the Netherlands for 2023 Fully Funded

Do you have dreams to pursue a degree in Europe but are unsure of how to get there? The Maastricht University Scholarship in the Netherlands is the only option for 2023. The scholarship program at Maastricht University, an international institution with a lengthy history of academic excellence, is intended to assist students from all over the world who want to study abroad in fulfilling their academic goals. This article will go over all the details of the Maastricht University Scholarship in the Netherlands for 2023, including the requirements for applying and the advantages of studying there.

Dear graduates: The Maastricht University Scholarship 2023 is a different master’s funding option. International students can get master’s scholarships from Maastricht University. These scholarships pay for their tuition and give them a monthly stipend. Non-EU nationals enrolling in a master’s program at an accredited university are eligible to apply.

First categories of scholarships that MU awards by the university. Second is the Holland Scholarship, and by the Dutch government . In comparison to a two-year master’s degree, a one-year master’s program lasts for 13 months. Students from outside the EU who are studying at Maastricht University in the Netherlands should apply for the Maastricht University Scholarship.

The master’s degrees earned by foreign students are funded through scholarships by the Netherlands Increased ties are encouraged by international students. Only 2% of applicants are awarded scholarships in the Netherlands. THE applicants must have transcripts that rank in the top 5% of all applicants. Students should not give up on getting their scholarship applications for Europe in on time.

What is the Maastricht University Scholarship in the Netherlands for 2023?

A program called the Maastricht University Scholarship in the Netherlands for 2023 is intended to provide students from abroad who want to pursue higher education at Maastricht University in the Netherlands financial support. Students from all over the world who have been enrolled into one of the university’s Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programs are eligible for the scholarship. The scholarship allows students to stay focused on their studies without having to worry about their financial situation because it covers tuition fees and living costs for the duration of the program.

Who is eligible for the Maastricht University Scholarship in the Netherlands for 2023?

To be eligible for the Maastricht University Scholarship in the Netherlands for 2023, you must meet the requirements criteria:

  • Be a non-EU/EEA student
  • Get admitted into a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program at Maastricht University;
  • Have outstanding academic performance as shown by your earlier academic records
  • Provide financial need
  • Submit a complete scholarship application by the deadline.

The Maastricht University Scholarship Courses

The master’s programs that are available to international students as part of the Holland Scholarship program:

A Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences

  •  Heritage & Arts : Policy, Management & Education
  • Justice
  • Modern Political Culture: Ideas and Discourses in Context (MA)
  • Research on  Master European Studies
  • European Studies on Society, Technology and Science 
  •  European Public Policy, Governance and Institutions  
  • Contemporary Literature and Arts: Social  Cultural Interventions 
  • MA European Studies: International Relations (IR)
  • MA European Studies: Governance Challenges & Global Policy
  • Master Cultures of Arts, Technology & Science-Research

A Faculty of Law

  • European Law & Market Integration Specialization at a LLM Program
  • European Public Law and Governance Specialization, LLM Law School
  • Spec. General Program: LLM European Law School
  • LLM in Law, Criminology, and Forensics
  • LLM Globalization and Law: Corporate and Commercial Law concentration 
  • Program spec. for the LLM in Globalization and Law
  • MSc in Knowledge Management and Advanced Intellectual Property Law 
  • LLM Globalization and Law: Human Rights Concentration
  • International and European Tax Law Specialization for LLM students
  • Customs and International Supply Chain: LLM in International and European Tax Law 
  • International Trade and Investment Law concentration, LLM Globalization and Law
  • Taxation
  • LLM International and European Tax Law: spec. Tax and Technology

Science and Engineering Faculty

  • MSc Imaging and engineering
  • MSc Systems Biology 

Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences (MSc):

  • Global Health
  • MSc Healthcare Policy, Innovation and Management
  • Governance and Leadership in European Public Health
  • MSc Health Education and Promotion
  • MSc Human Movement Sciences: spec. Health and Rehabilitation
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • MSc Epidemiology
  • MSc Human Movement Sciences: spec. Sports and Nutrition
  • MSc Work, Health and Career
  • Health Food Innovation Management

School of Business and Economics:

  • MSc. Learning and Development in Organizations
  • MSc. Economics and Strategy in Emerging Markets
  • MSc. Digital Business and Economics
  • MSc. Public Policy and Human Development

Faculty of Psychology & Neuroscience

  • MSc Forensic Psychology
  • MSc Psychology: spec. Cognitive Neuroscience 
  • Research Master Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience: spec. Cognitive Neuroscience

Information on financial aid at Maastricht University

  • Country: Netherlands
  • Completely funded for financial support
  • Any nation outside the EU/EEA is eligible.
  • Feb. 1, 2023, is the deadline.

CRITERIA FOR THE Maastricht University Scholarship:

Are you thinking about applying for a scholarship to study in the Netherlands?

Eligibility for the Maastricht University Scholarship:

  • The applicants must meet because the requirements for a visa and permit for residence in the Netherlands and be citizens of any country that is not a member of the EU or EEA.
  • Two nationalities are not permitted for them.
  • Candidates must have put in an application for the master’s program at Maastricht University for the academic year 2023 and 2024.
  • Students must also meet the requirements and prerequisites of the program they wish to apply for.
  • Students must not have previously attended a higher education institution in the Netherlands in order to be eligible to apply. For this European fellowship, candidates who finished their exchange programs in the Netherlands are also welcome to apply.
  • When applying candidates cannot be older than 35.
  • They need to be in possession of a previous degree from which they could have proven their academic prowess. According to transcripts and recommendation letters, candidates who finish in the top 5% of applicants will be given preference.

Benefits of Maastricht University Scholarship:

The advantages of a Maastricht University Scholarship include:

  • The full cost of tuition is waived by.
  • Pre-academic training costs will be covered by the UM Foreign Services desk.
  • Living expenses may total up to €12,350 for the 13-month program and €23,750 for the two-year program (25 months).
  • The €207 visa application fee will be given.
  • medical expense coverage.

The Maastricht University Scholarship requirements for 2023 are as follows:

  • A CV.
  • Letter of motivation.
  • Contact details of the referee.
  • Recommendation letter.
  • Transcripts are acceptable evidence of academic achievement.
  • Financial need declaration for yourself.
  • Apply online by uploading all required documents in doc, docx, or pdf format. The application will only be submitted once, so make sure to fill it out completely.

How do I apply for the Maastricht University Scholarship in the Netherlands for 2023?

How do I apply for the Maastricht University Scholarship in the Netherlands for 2023?

Follow the following steps to apply for the Maastricht University Scholarship in the Netherlands for 2023:

1. Submit an application for admission to a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program at Maastricht University. A list of programs is available on the university’s website.

2. Fill out the scholarship application form, which is accessible on the university website, when you get your letter of admission.

3. Submit all the required documentation, which includes a motivation letter, academic transcripts, and evidence of financial need.

4. Send in your application before the deadline time

How to Apply

  • Students must sign up for a master’s program at Maastricht University in order to get a scholarship.
  • Students can go to the official website for details on how to sign up for the course.
  • Applicants must receive a conditional offer of admission to the master’s program.
  • You will be given a student ID number after submitting your application. This student ID will be used to complete the scholarship application. 
  • Fill out the scholarship application by logging into your UM account. Apply for the Holland Scholarship by uploading the required documents in.doc,.docx, or PDF format.
  • The only time a student may submit an application is once, so make sure all of your supporting materials and referee contact details are accurate.

For more information about the Maastricht University Scholarship 2023, click the “APPLY NOW” button below.


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